MRS Greifer GmbH Helmstadt-Bargen


Introducing our grabs

We produce all kind of grabs with volumes up from 0.1 up to 30 cubic meter and up to 20 tons of weight, for the handling of bulk cargo. Our grabs can be connected to a crane or an excavator.



Dependent on the kind of drive, there are the following types of grabs:

Rope Grab

Connection: crane with suspension and closing rope
Drive:           mechanically through the closing ropes



Connection:  crane with suspension rope
Drive:            electrohydraulic through electrical lead from the crane



Hydraulic Grab

Connection: excavator with frictional connection (e.g. quick-release attachment)
Drive:           hydraulic drive through hydraulic supply from the crane



In our product portfolio, there are grabs in different designs to ensure a perfect handling of the various types of material.

Clamshell Grab


Orange-Peel Grab


Dredging Grab


Round log Grab



For specific tasks:

Special Grab

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